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Persib Bandung is one of the clubs that have the most supporters in the Asian region, besides that Persib Bandung is also famous for its achievements that often fluctuate and have never felt the title of champion in the hands of a foreign coach, because of the title won by a team nicknamed Maung Bandung always born when persib bandung is being trained by native local Sundanese trainers like Indra tohir and also Djajang Nurjaman.

In addition to the two of them, there is no coach who is able to give a title to Persib, even many people have the belief that in the club there is a curse which results in not feeling the championship when coached or handled by a foreign coach, but even though it does not make sense according some people, but if we look at the facts there it can be said to be true also because the name of history must have concrete evidence.

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Before the birth of the name Persib, in 1923 in the city of Bandung was Bandoeng Inlandsche Voetbal Bond (BIVB). This BIVB was one of the nationalist struggle organizations at that time. He stood out as President of the BIVB Syamsudin, who was then sent by the son of the fighter Dewi Sartika, yakn R. R. Atot.

BIVB then disappeared and two other associations named the Bandung Indonesia Football Association (PSIB) and National Voetball Bond (NVB) appeared. On March 14, 1933, the two clubs agreed to join and a new association called Persib was born, which then chose Anwar St. Pamoentjak as president. The clubs that joined Persib were SIAP, Soenda, Singgalang, Diana, Matahari, OVU, RAN, HBOM, JOP, MALTA, and Merapi. After appearing three times as runner-up in a united competition in 1933 (Surabaya), 1934 (Bandung) and 1936 (solo), Persib started the championship in a 1939 solo competition.

After Indonesian independence, in 1950 the PSSI Congress was held in Semarang and the United Competition. Persib, which at that time was inhabited by Aang Witarsa, Amung, Andaratna, Ganda, Freddy Timisela, Sundawa, Toha, Leepel, Smith, Jahja and Wagiman, could only become runners-up after losing competition with Persebaya Persebaya. In the 50s, Aang Witarsa ​​and Anas became the first Persib players to join the Indonesian national team to play at the 1950 Asian Games.

Persib's achievements increased again in 1955-1957. The emergence of names such as Aang Witarsa ​​and Ade Dana, who were representatives of Persib in the national team to compete in the Melbourne Olympics in 1956. In the event, the Indonesian national team managed to tie up against the Soviet Union, so that forced a rematch ended in a landslide defeat for Indonesia with a score of 4-0.

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TV Streaming Persib is increasingly respected. In the 1961 competition, the pride team "City of Flowers" won a second time after defeating PSM Ujungpandang. Persians at that time were Simon Hehanusa, Hermanus, Juju (archers), Ishak Udin, Iljas Hadade, Rukma, Fatah Hidayat, Sunarto, Thio Him Tjhaiang, Ade Dana, Hengki, Wowo Sunaryo, Nazar, Naza, Tana, Tuna, Tana, Tana, Tana, Tana, Tana, Tha Suhendar, etc. Because of his achievements, Persib was appointed to represent PSSI at the "Aga Khan Cup" soccer championship in Pakistan in 1962. The Persib star was also born as Emen "Master" Suwarman.