TEA's Top 100 Tracks For 2013

TEA found itself traversing the world in 2013 and here is, for the fourth year running, our top 100 tracks for the year that was.

If you had to answer the question, what was techno like in 2013, what would you say? I suppose for starters we’d all probably begin with what we didn’t like about the year, like the distortion, harsh ‘industrialisms’, noise and drone. To too many stereotypical arrangements, obvious break downs, soulless club tracks, vacuous deep house - white noise-pssshh. That’s a given. But to a certain extent techno this year has been one of three things: noise, the cleaner, minimally, linear stuff, and the experimental. I’d say I’m leaning a little toward to the minimally, linear and experimental stuff, the latter of which was largely inspired by drum and bass.
Electronic music in 2013 was, more than it’s ever been before, distorted, and similar to the André Kertész’ photograph pictured above, taken from his Distortions series, genres like grime and drum and bass progress…

TEA Selections: Marsel [Delsin]

The second half of this year saw Delsin celebrate its 100 release - which it highlighted with four 100DSR/VAR EPs and subsequent compilation - so we asked the label's chief, Marsel van Der Wielen, for a few words on those releases instrumental to Delsin's success.

This year the influential Delsin chalked up its 100th DSR release, and although there’s much more to be explored in Delsin’s back catalogue, 2013 marked the time when Marsel van der Wielen’s label earned the bragging rights to call itself seminal. It joins an elite group of record pushers like Soma Quality Recordings, Planet E, Warp Records, R&S - to fellow compatriots Bunker and Rush Hour - to surpass the 100-release mark with no sign of slowing down.

Since Delsin’s debut release, Marsel’s Publik Draft cassette as Peel Seamus in 1996, the label has become the spiritual home for artists like Redshape, Quince and Newworldaquarium, while others like Steve Rachmand’s Sterac alias, Aardvark, Delta Funktionen and Confor…

Colony END: Max Bacharach Signs Off

On the eve of Colony's final hoedown at The Hive Project this Saturday, we speak with co-founder of the event, Max Bacharach, about how it all began, what it all meant, what it turned into, and why it's now over - with some refreshingly candid anecdotes and personal opinions along the way. Max, under his DJ alias, Tengui, has also provided a mix dedicated to the open-minded people who have in one way or another been a part of the now legendary Colony.

Whether Max and Carl Bacharach know it or not, their event, gig, rave, “piss-up”, or whatever Colony is to the individual, has, in hindsight, during its five years of activity, become a regarded institution within London's techno community. Not only has it been a key element in shaping the city’s ‘electronic music landscape’ of the last half-decade, but up until this Saturday, Colony has been the essential cog in what makes techno in London tick.  

There's no doubting Colony and the trailblazing line-ups they perpetually br…